Wer ist 914 werke ?


How we got started -

Passion! 914Werke ("nine fourteen varker") or 914 plant loosely translated in english, was establish when an auto enthusiast stumbled into ownership of a quirky little car and fell in love. 

That love grew over time and the desire to maintain and promote the continued enjoyment of that auto has become 914Werke.com. So if you are looking for a vendor who understands and encourages the obsession with, and the pure driving experience that the 914 brings, you've come to the right place.   


What we do -

I've never met a 914 I didn't like (well...mostly!), but my personal favorites are clean original examples. 

Unfortunately after 40 years, time will have taken its toll on these cars.  Particularly in terms of <shiver> RUST!

914's were never galvanized from the factory. So unless restored at some point in their history, they ALL have rust. Consequently I  perform a fair amount of rust repair in addition to simple mechanical, engine & transmission work as well as provide new, custom manufactured and pre-owned hard parts to return your ride to its former glory.


Want to join the fun ?

I don't do all this work just to let these cars sit in a garage! I drive my cars to events all over the west coast of the US. If you're in need of services, interested in seeing my work in person, or perhaps or looking for that perfect 914 (for you). 

Give me a call. I'll try to help however I can. 

So keep an eye out at classic car shows near you, we may may just cross paths!

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Get in Touch

I'm always interested in talking 914's  but if you would like to visit ... appointment only please.